Native Gardens and Sustainable Landscaping

Native gardens require a knowledgeable eye and careful hands to keep the right plants in the garden. We can help you maintain your existing native garden or help you identify ways to incorporate and select native plants to add to your landscape. From consulting with you to identify seedlings and plants to helping you create a sustainable management plan to manage your garden through the seasons, we can do it all.


Proper pruning is important for your shrubs and trees. Making the right pruning cuts at the right time keeps plants healthy and makes them more resistant to insects and disease. All of our pruning is done with hand pruning tools. We do not shear shrubs or top trees because these practices are detrimental to plant health and result in the need for more maintenance. If you are having trouble with oversized plants in certain places, we will prune them appropriately or recommend a better suited plant for your conditions.

Tree Consultation

We won’t do any large scale tree services like large tree pruning or removals but we provide unbiased tree health assessments and tree risk assessments. We can also do tree identification surveys and mapping and tree management plans.

Certified arboristTree Risk Assessment Qualification

Garden Maintenance and Design

We can help you select plants and create maintenance plan tailored to your garden. We can help you with reminders and advice or we can do everything for you.

Edible Gardening

Why not start growing your own food? From vegetables to fruit trees, we can design, plan and help you built a vegetable garden. If your landscape isn't suited for a dedicated vegetable garden, we can help you incorporate edible plants into your existing landscape.

Plant Identification and Invasive Removal

Maybe you recently moved in to a new home and are not sure what plants you have inherited from the previous owners or you have found new plants in your garden that you want to identify. Whatever your situation, we will help you get the information you need.

Invasive plants such as English Ivy, Porcelainberry and Japanese Honeysuckle can creep in and take over your landscape. We can identify and remove the invasives to keep your landscape thriving.