Our story

Maraea Harris - owner

I have a degree in horticulture, am a Virginia Certified Horticulturist and an ISA Certified Arborist. Working with plants permeates all facets of my life from running my business to maintaining my own gardens with my family. I also volunteer as the chief gardener of a local community garden and am also a VCE Master Gardener volunteer.

My business grew out of a passion and fascination with all things plant related. After tinkering and experimenting in my own gardens, I began by helping friends and neighbors with their garden questions and needs. I decided to open my business when customers beyond my neighborhood began requesting services and I realized that the need was greater than my own backyard.

Virginia Certified Horticulturist #3186
ISA Certified arborist #MA-6310A
Certified arboristTree Risk Assessment Qualification

Our mission is to bring professional horticultural services to homeowners in the DC metro area.

Life in the metro area is busy and everyone’s time is at a premium. If you’re tired of trying out plants that don’t seem to make it in your yard or if you’re tired of wanting something more from your garden but don’t have the knowledge to move your plans forward, our horticulture professionals offer personalized gardening services to help customers achieve their garden goals. We are passionate about horticulture and gardening and would love the opportunity to work with you, whatever your garden needs.

Our goal is not to sell you on a particular product or service. We want to give customers all the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their garden goals. For us, the perfect garden is one that the customer is proud of and wants to spend time in. We want you to feel excited by the possibilities of your garden. Whether you want to grow your own food, add more native plants to your garden or enjoy beautiful flowers out your kitchen window, we’d like to help you make it happen.


Will you build the garden for me? We do offer installation services for plants. We also offer maintenance plans and reminders with all of our installations. We find that with a few tips and reminders, customers are much more successful with their gardens.

I want to do all the work, can you just tell me what to do? Absolutely! We can discuss your ideas during a consultation and give you the steps needed. We can also schedule periodic check-in sessions as needed to monitor your progress and make changes if needed.

Can you help me with my trees? We enjoy many plants and we truly believe that trees are the backbone of a landscape. We are happy to provide discuss any tree issues you have in your landscape. We can also do structure pruning for young trees and ornamental pruning of specialty species such as Japanese maples. However, we are not a tree company and don’t do any tree takedowns.